What You Need To Know About the 2018 Farm Bill

What You Need To Know About the 2018 Farm Bill

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill by the US Senate, the legal standing around hemp, and CBD oil, has changed. But, what has changed, and what do you need to know about it? We’ve covered all of that below.

What the bill changed for hemp
There’s a lot that the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act (the formal name) changed, but the focus of this is how it relates to hemp and CBD. The nugget of it is that this most recent approval and change made it so that hemp products, including the CBD that is derived from it directly, is no longer part of the controlled substance act. Hemp and the byproducts that come from it directly have more freedom in their use. Total freedom, in fact.
This change really is a turning point for growth when it comes to those who work in the industry of hemp-derived CBD products. No longer having to adhere to the strict regulations of those substances on the controlled substance list, farmers, producers, and marketers have more freedom to get their products out to the general public who want them.

Senate-recognized hemp legalization
With the passing of the bill, this means that there are no more questions circling the topic of hemp legalization. Hemp has always been legal, but the derivatives, including CBD have been shrouded in question marks that leave many uncertain. This bill clears all of it up.
CBD is so often associated with getting high, that many people assume that the hemp-derived version is the exact same. In essence, CBD comes from both of these cousin plants. However, since hemp CBD has low THC content, especially when compared to its popular cannabis cousin, its uses and benefits are a lot more broad.
Even though this has always been the case, the fact that CBD is shared from one to another, by definition, has put restrictions on the hemp plant in general. These restrictions are no longer in place as it’s been entirely taken off of the controlled substance list. The marketplace is now ready to make its changes.

What does legal status mean?
From growing to cultivating, to deriving, to selling and even marketing, everyone who works in the medicinal industry is going to have more freedom when working with hemp and CBD derived from it. Since hemp and all of its byproducts are entirely legal and, essentially, open season, CBD products can be sold easier above board, giving more vendors a chance to put them to use as nature intended.
With no restrictions in place, federally, there’s a chance for the industry to grow and flourish, allowing for maximum convenience for those looking to make it their sole business. While it still means that FDA rules regulations, as well as natural product guidelines must be followed, these restrictions are no different than any other natural product, and it is going to be much easier to handle and abide by as a business looking to make it.

The world is now your oyster when it comes to CBD derived from the hemp plants, as well as other hemp products just waiting to hit the market.

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