Cannabis and The Little Beast

The Little Beast With Big Dreams-Bammmer

Aaliyah Ei is a well known afro-mexican non-binary influencer who goes by the pronouns She/They. Aaliyah has over 15.5K followers and more than 700 posts on her Instagram account. Her feed mostly consists of photos of her and her model-esque body (which makes sense, because she's actually a model!) as well as her love for cannabis and activism. She is an outspoken advocate for sex work, sex and body positivity, and self-love. She has used her global digital platform to spread her message and encourage others to speak out about the things that they value as well.

Aaliyah is originally from New York but is now located in Los Angeles, California. She describes herself as an editorial model, actress, cannabis activist, and educator. She has modeled for some of the most popular fashion brands, including Adidas, Nike, and Nastgal and is currently an official Savage X Fenty Ambassador. She has also modeled for Urban Decay and has been shown in displays in stores like Sephora.

She began her cannabis-enthusiast journey when she was a teenager and began stealing weed as a teenager with the intent to sell and use for supplemental income to her modeling career. Shortly after that, her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and Aaliyah began researching the medical benefits that marijuana treatments can have. Her goal is to shatter the negative stereotype that only “stoners” use cannabis, and instead educate people on the real life benefits it can have. She wants cannabis to be more socially acceptable among people from all different walks of life! She says that right now, every aspect of her life centers around cannabis. She is currently 3 years sober from all alcohol and hard drugs after developing an addiction to them in her teen years.

Aaliyah has also published a zine (a fan magazine) entitled “Mama Marijuana” that educates people who are unfamiliar with the cannabis world. It’s like the beginners guide to cannabis that discusses the endocannabinoid system and also the racial inequities in cannabis arrests. Initially, Aaliyah published the magazine solely for a fun read at a women’s event, but because of the unexpected interest it got, she decided to print more and widely distribute it.

As to her acting career, her favorite job so far has been starring in her first short film called “The Deadly Dames,” directed by Dallas Hunter. This short film was accepted into the Berlin Commercial Film Festival, giving Aaliyah the much wanted exposure as an actress. She has also been featured in numerous cannabis commercials. At this point in her career, her goal is to be featured on the big screen!

When smoking, Aaliyah prefers heavier strains of indica and THC, and her preferred method of smoking is using a blunt. For beginners, she recommends trying a joint first or low dose vape pen with a good balance of CBD and lower levels of THC. #thelittlebeast

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