What Are Cannabis's Positive Effects on the Brain?

What Are Cannabis's Positive Effects on the Brain?

Cannabis is a plant that is very controversial. Much of the controversy comes from the false perceptions that people have of the plant. Many are unaware of the true potential and benefits of the plant and have simply just adopted traditional views on the plant. In this article, we will discuss some of the positive effects that the consumption of marijuana has on the brain.

Cannabis and Focus

Many have reported that they use cannabis to focus on their daily tasks. There is still a lot more work to be done in the area of research to confirm this; however, many producers of marijuana-related products have done experiments and have found that with the right strain of cannabis in the right amounts can truly help users to focus.

Experts suggest that if you are seeking to experience the concentration benefits of cannabis, you must find the ideal balance between CBD and THC. The amount of THC in your joint or whatever mode of delivery you are using is critical. More THC is not necessarily better in this process.

Cannabis and Creativity

For many years, creatives have used cannaibs in the making of their art, music, films and a plethora of other products and projects where creativity is important.

Creativity is a function of your frontal lobe. Cannabis consumption helps to improve this process by increasing your cerebral blood flow or what biologists often refer to as CBF. A study published in the Berkley Medical Journal reveals this to be absolutely true. This 1992 study revealed that the consumption of cannabis does increase cerebral blood flow.

As it is in the case of concentration, the dosage is key in experiencing the creativity benefits of cannabis. Low doses of 5.5 mg of THC improve divergent thinking. It makes your mind more fluid and flexible.

Cannabis and Memory

Studies on mice have shown that cannabis can potentially help with memory. It must be noted that the studies that exist show that this was the case in older mice. While this study has not yet been done on humans, it is very interesting.

Cannabis and Relaxation

Many have shared that cannabis helps with relaxation. Users have long praised cannabis for the sense of calm that they experience when after consuming it. This is critical in being able to critically think about issues, plan and make decisions. Of course, everybody’s response to Cannabis tends to be different in this area.

Some people are able to work while experiencing the relaxing effects while some end up feeling drowsy. Sativa tends to be the best for those who want to improve their productivity while experiencing the calming effects of cannabis.


Cannabis is a plant that is being constantly studied. For too long it was banished to the dungeon of negative views and unwarranted attacks. As research continues on this powerful plant, the benefits are being discovered by all.

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