Lemon Thai CBD Strain Review

Lemon Thai CBD Strain Review

Lemon Thai CBD flower review

Anyone who loves unlocking their creativity and getting a rush of energy will really enjoy Lemon Thai. Lemon Thai is a sativa dominant strain that has gained a lot of popularity due to its uplifting and energy boosting effects. The aroma of Lemon Thai is a lemon, citrus, fresh scent that is very distinct and strong. While breaking these buds down the scent becomes increasingly strong and potent. The scent is reminiscent of peeling a perfectly ripe lemon.


Flavor Of Lemon Thai CBD Flower

The flavor of Lemon Thai is identical to the scent. Your taste buds will experience the sweet lemon flavor from inhale to exhale. Similar to sipping lemonade on a summer day. Throat burn with vary from person to person. Our experience was very little to no throat burn with light harness from the smoke as well. The smoke was very smooth, full of flavor, and left little to no after-taste. 


Appearance of Lemon Thai CBD flower

The appearance of Lemon Thai is a darker green bud with rustic orange color hairs. The bud has a medium to heavy coverage of tricomes and the buds tend to be medium-sized. Seeing the Lemon Thai plant you'll notice them to be very tall and reach a unique height. These plants tend to have a very high yield of buds once fully grown.


Onset and duration of effects from Lemon Thai CBD flower

Effects from Lemon Thai are almost immediate. After your first inhale you will start to notice the uplifted and eye-opening effects. After the 3rd or 4th puff the full onset of the effects have taken over you. This is the perfect time to begin your day and start your adventure. You can expect to peak from the effects that 3rd or 4th puff and last about an hour and a half to two hours. 


Benefits of Lemon Thai CBD flower
Lemon Thai users have said it has helped with anxiety and stress relief. Along with helping provide energy and help with fatigue. There has been a small amount of users reporting help with aches and pains and most have also said there was in increase in appetite.


Final Thoughts 

Lemon Thai is an amazing strain. Great effects to keep you going throughout the day. Great smell that is unique and appealing and strong effects that you would expect from most CBD flowers. This strain we would highly recommend trying and adding to your collection. Check out our Lemon Thai here.





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