Is Dry CBD Flower Still Good to Smoke?

Is Dry CBD Flower Still Good to Smoke?
Difference Between Dry Bud and Sticky Bud
If your CBD is dry it doesn't necessarily mean its old or bad to smoke. CBG hemp flower is a cannabinoid that is naturally a drier and more easily broken down bud. The more sticky a bud is the more resin-rich the strain is. Here are the pros and cons for dry vs sticky buds and then we can answer if dry CBD flower is still good to smoke.

Pros and Cons of Dry Buds

CBD flower is sold by weight, and weight is influenced by the density (moisture). Purchasing CBD flower that is more dry means you will be getting a bigger volume on buds. Dry CBD flower also will tend to have less aroma and can be harsher to smoke. But a bud with less moisture can very easy be broken down and will tend to burn continuously in joints and blunts.

Pros and Cons Of Sticky Buds

Sticky CBD buds with high levels of moisture and resin are very sticky and more difficult to break down when its time to smoke them. However, these moister buds do tend to be very flavorful and less harsh to smoke. Stickier CBD flower also tend to release a stronger fresher aroma then dry buds.

How to rehydrate CBD flower

If you want to try rehydrating dry CBD flower there are a couple of things which should be tried first. Keep your buds in an airtight glass container and in a dark temperature controlled area. Add 62% Boveda humidity packs in your container and this may return moisture to your flower and make it moist, colorful and fresh.

There are a lot of other different ways people have tried to rehydrate their dry CBD flower but a controlled environment with a Boveda pack has been the most effective. Any other methods of using a freezer or foods is not recommended and hasn't work for us before.

Is dry CBD flower still good to smoke?

Dry CBD flower is still good to smoke. It may be a little more harsh and not as flavorful but can still be potent. CBD hemp flower needs to be stored properly to maintain moisture which will keep the flower smoking smoothly and tastefully. As long as you store the flower correctly it will stay moist and fresh for months to come.

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