How to Properly Store CBD Hemp Flower

How to Properly Store CBD Hemp Flower
When you purchase your CBD hemp flower, you want to make sure that you are protecting your purchase as much as possible and that you’re equipped with the knowledge (and supplies) in how to do that properly. Here is the support that you’ll want to keep in mind to help you get the maximum shelf life possible and store your CBD flower properly.

What are the main factors when storing CBD flower?

When it comes to storing CBD hemp flower there are things that it needs, there are 4 main criteria to focus on. These include:

Air: Air is critical to life, but only until it’s grown, as far as your flower is concerned. To protect its flavor as well as its smell and even the potency, store it in an airtight container.
Temperature: Perhaps one of the most important elements of integrity is going to be the temperature. You’ll need to keep it in an even storage space for temperatures fluctuating wildly between cold and hot can create a serious problem and it will encourage faster staling as well as mold growth!

Light: Whether natural or artificial, light can kill off the cannabinoids and make it essentially useless when it comes to the idea of being a therapeutic reliable option. Keep it out of direct light for the best strength.
Humidity and/or moisture: Just like a lot of your other food, anywhere that is going to have humidity or moisture, will encourage mold growth and faster staling of your flowers. 

What is the best storage container for CBD hemp flower?

In a word: glass. Glass is the best material for you to store your CBD hemp flower in because it isn’t open to the elements and it will have an airtight lid that helps a lot with humidity and moisture, as mentioned. As far as the storage location itself, you’ll want to store your CBD flower somewhere dark with not a lot of fluctuation in temperature. For instance your bedroom closet if it has a door or your room dresser are ideal locations.

Just like any other kinds of medication or food product, storage is going to help make sure that your money is well-spent and that you are going to be able to enjoy fresh CBD buds that are going to give you the therapeutic benefits you bought them-for. Also boost packs are a great option to add to your jar if you have a couple extra bucks to spend. Whatever you decide, just follow the instructions listed above and your pocketbook will thank you for it!

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