How Is CBD Flower Grown?

How Is CBD Flower Grown?
Are you curious about how CBD flower is grown? A high percentage of us know about CBD oil, tinctures, chewy candies, topicals, dog treats and the tons of other items. All of these item types must have CBD removed from the hemp plant to produce CBD items. Some prefer a more natural and quicker method of in taking CBD and that's where CBD flower has become really popular. Below we will detail how CBD flower is grown.

What exactly is CBD flower?

To understand CBD flower you have to understand hemp first. Hemp is a cannabis plant. Not to be confused with cannabis (THC) CBD's cousin. While hemp and cannabis share a few likenesses, the fundamental contrast is something in the plant called THC. THC is the cannabinoid that gives you a high or euphoric inclination. While hemp is high in CBD it is incredibly low in THC, usually 1% total THC or less. This implies the hemp plant has no capacity to get you high.

How is CBD flower grown?

So now that we know the difference between CBD and THC we can talk about how CBD is grown. CBD flower is the buds from a female hemp plants which have been extraordinarily reproduced to contain high degrees of CBD and low degrees of THC.

Once the plant changes from a seedling to the vegetative stage they can be planted straightforwardly in the dirt outside, in a greenhouse or inside an indoor grow room. Hemp plants love the sun and warmth and have deep root systems.

When the female CBD plant blooms its flower it produces a resin which attracts male plants and causes them to seed. Growers eliminate male plants with the goal that the female plant will place all their energy into creating the flower. That flower will be a dense resin bud containing CBD.

After about 3 months or so the plant will be fully developed and ready to harvest. From there the buds will be picked, dried and trimmed. That is the complete life cycle of a hemp plant and how CBD flower is grown.

Ways to consume CBD flower.

There are multiple ways of consuming CBD. Smoking and vaporizing are the quickest and most popular ways. Dried ground CBD flower can be smoked in any water pipe, paper or cigar wrap. There is also the option of buying the flower pre rolled and ready to smoke. Pre rolls are quick and convenient not requiring the customer to have to break down and roll the joint themselves.

Vaporizers are also easy and convenient to use as well but are much more expensive than water pipes, papers or cigar wraps. Vaporizers heat the flower up to a very high temperature vaporizing the flower instead to igniting it. This leaves behind the plant matter and vaporizes the terpenes to be inhaled.

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