Beginners Guide To CBD Vape Cartridges

Beginners Guide To CBD Vape Cartridges
Vaping CBD is one of the quickest ways to get CBD working in your body and mind. While CBD tinctures and edibles can take much longer to feel the effects, you'll feel the amazing effects of vaping CBD almost instantaneously. Vape pens may look difficult to a new user but after a little practice you figure out the genius in their simplicity. Follow the information listed below to have a head start is how to properly use your vaporizer.

What is a CBD Vape Cartridge?

CBD vape cartridges are small cylindrical tanks pre-filled with cannabidiol. These cartridge's are for oil only and cant be used with any flower. If you are looking for a vaporizer pen to use with CBD flower you will need to buy a dry flower vaporizer.


How to Properly Use a CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

First things to do is make sure your pen is charged. Plug it in, fill up the battery and now your ready to smoke. Attach your cartridge to your pen and follow the  pens manufacturer instructions on the proper temperature. Once the proper temperature is selected press and hold the button to begin inhaling your CBD vapor. Once done smoking shut off your pen.

How Much CBD Vape Should I Smoke?

The rule of thumb for vaping is start slow. Start with one inhale from your vaporizer and sit back and relax. Take a period of time to wait. If the effects are sufficient to your desire there is no need to continue smoking. If the effects aren't sufficient repeat the process until you are satisficed. Remember it is a lot easier to go up then it is to be too far up and try and come down.


Make sure the voltage on your pen is correct for the cartridge. Too much voltage can cause the oil to burn. Where as the correct voltage will provide a nice smooth smoke from your pen.


Flavors and Strains

There are endless amounts of flavors and strains on the market for CBD cartridge's. Some will provide different effects, tastes and smells while smoking. Try out sativa vs indica to figure out what oil works best for you and provides the effects you are looking for.



Stay clear of Chinese and black market cartridges. Purchase your cartridges from a reputable retailer. Make sure all cartridges come with a certificate of analysis. This certificate will make sure your oil is pure and doesn't have any harmful chemicals or toxins. Smoking harmful CBD oil may lead to a respiratory and health problems. Make sure your pen is turned off once done smoking. There have been reported cases of pens accidently being pressed on in pockets which can cause the pen to overheat and become extremely hot.

Pre-Filled VS Refillable Cartridges


Pre-filled CBD cartridges are a lot easier to use and more user-friendly. With prefilled cartridge's it is a simple and plug and play. Refillable cartridge's are an option but expect more difficulty in preparation before you smoke and more of a mess.

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